Kaiping shower factory teaches you how to choose shower

2021-08-07 153

  1. See the function of water saving

When customers buy flower sprinklers, they are still exquisite about the function of water saving.

  2. Look at the water outlet method

For the shower, the water outlet method directly affects the feeling of bathing. It can regulate a variety of strength methods such as strong type, gentle type, moderate type and mixed type at will. The water can also be sprayed by massage, fineness, rotation and other methods to relax the body.


  3. See the self-cleaning effect

For the former shower, most of the outlet holes are hidden inside, while most of the current shower expose the outlet holes outside. According to the water quality characteristics of the north, the rubber outlet holes are easier to clean and are not easy to generate scale. It is easier to clean when taking a bath. You can wipe them with hands and cloth. In addition, the water holes are highlighted outside, and the shower water will be more natural.

  4. Look at the quality of parts

The purchase of shower accessories is also very important, because it will directly affect the comfort of its use.

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