How do I choose to open and level the faucet handle?

2021-12-03 250

Kaiping faucet is often seen in kitchens and bathrooms. The handle is often in two shapes: single handle and double handle. What is the difference in the selection of handles for kitchen and bathroom faucets? What is the best choice?

For the kitchen faucet, it is recommended to choose the one with a single handle and the one with a longer handle. Because in the kitchen, you may have oily hands with other things in your hands, the faucet that can be switched on and off with the back of your hand at this time is much more convenient.


For the shower faucet used in the bathroom, if the gas water heater is used at home, it is much more convenient to choose a double faucet. Although many gas water heaters are thermostatic now, because everyone's body feeling is different at home, it is still necessary to use the faucet to mix water to fine tune the temperature.

Generally, the water volume of the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe changes together at the time of dispatching, which is not easy to grasp. However, it is much more convenient to use the double handle faucet. Just turn the hot water faucet to large first, and then turn the cold water faucet to the appropriate amount. Moreover, for some water heaters without low-pressure start, because the water volume of the hot water pipe is always large, Therefore, the phenomenon of saving the water heater will not occur when the water temperature is regulated.

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