How to deal with the clogged filter screen of Kaiping faucet?

2021-09-06 283

Kaiping faucet has something to do with our life. When we use the faucet alone, it will splash. If we add a layer of faucet filter screen, there will be no splash. When the tap is used for a long time, the filter screen will become small, but the filter screen will not appear if the tap is used for a long time. Then, the filter screen of the faucet is blocked. How should we clean and replace it?

Although the faucet filter screen is often used in every family, do you know that because the faucet filter screen is often used, it will be washed by water, and there will be a lot of impurities in the accumulated water. After a long time, there will be a layer of sediment attached to it, which is difficult to clean. If it is not cleaned in time, it will block the faucet and even cause the faucet filter screen to be washed off. Then, we should clean in time, remove sundries and adhere to the dredging of faucet filter screen.

First of all, the spare filter screen should be prepared at home. This kind of filter screen is very affordable. You can buy it online or go to the hardware store. We can store more at one time for timely replacement, which is very convenient. When removing the filter screen of the faucet, be sure to use specific things. Turn the faucet open from the end of the equipment, so that the filter screen can be easily removed. When a new filter screen is installed on the equipment, it is necessary to operate the equipment according to the operation instructions. Maybe you can ask the dealer carefully when purchasing.


How to clean the filter screen of the water tap?

1. Clean the faucet and filter screen on time according to the application of family practice.

2. There are two planes at the faucet outlet that can be turned with a wrench, that is, unscrew the faucet, take out the filter screen inside, flush it with clean water, and then gently flush it with a toothbrush dipped in warm liquid detergent or toothpaste.

3. The filter screen can also be soaked in white vinegar for 4-6 hours, and then washed with clean water to remove the scale.

4. When cleaning up the stains on the surface of the faucet, usually clean the coating surface with neutral detergent and then wipe it dry with a clean soft cloth. Try not to use detergent such as decontamination powder and toilet cleaning spirit. It is usually rich in mineral particles, which will damage the plated surface.

5. When cleaning the surface of the faucet, you can also wipe it with lemon slices for a few times, and it will shine as new.

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