Kaiping shower manufacturer: what if the shower nozzle is blocked?

2021-08-07 244

Method 1: needle dredging method

Operation process:

If only a few holes of the nozzle at home are blocked, and most of them are still good, you can needle these blocked holes.

First, drain water to confirm which holes are blocked, and then dredge the holes one by one with a needle. Then you turn on the switch and try again. The previously blocked hole will be unblocked!


When needling the shower head, we should grasp the strength, and don't stab the nozzle too hard!!

Method 2: vinegar essence soaking method

If many holes of your shower nozzle are blocked, it is because the nozzle is blocked due to the accumulation of scale. First, screw off the shower nozzle, pour an appropriate amount of vinegar into the plastic basin, and lean the plastic basin against the wall to make the vinegar concentrate more concentrated, which is both economical and convenient!


Soak the nozzle in vinegar essence. After soaking for about half an hour, brush the small hole of the nozzle with a small brush!

Install the nozzle and turn on the switch. The water flow is getting bigger!


Because the scale is a mixture of many substances, it is alkaline, while acetate belongs to acidic substances, neutralizes the acid and alkali, and then removes the scale.

Method 3: plastic bag soaking method

If your shower head can't be disassembled, you can also find a plastic bag about the size of the nozzle, put the nozzle in, put an appropriate amount of vinegar, tie it tightly with a rubber band, put it back, stand for half an hour, remove the plastic bag and brush it with a small brush!

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